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Elevating Your Brand with Timeless Imagery

Welcome to Meiklejohn Graphics Licensing (MGL), a creative force since 1983, spun off from the renowned Meiklejohn advertising and publishing illustration agency. We supply top-quality commercial images and represent world-class artists.

Today, MGL is a global leader in art licensing, partnering with companies worldwide for over 15 years. Attracted by our welcoming professionalism and engaging images, which are perfect for items such as greeting cards, calendars, stationery, jigsaw puzzles, apparel, homewares, bedding, and gifts.

Our archive holds 30,000+ images by 70 contemporary artists and photographers, spanning wildlife, floral, landscapes, fantasy, and fashion. Additionally, MGL offers branded children and teenage character design properties, offering a unique, cost-effective alternative to mainstream entertainment brands.

MGL is not just an image provider; it’s a creative partner. Our custom artwork service tailors imagery to your needs, ensuring your brand stands out with vibrant, captivating visuals. Let us help you infuse colour and personality into your brand with our one-stop art licensing solution.

Our popular collections

“Working with Adam and his team at MGL Licensing has been both a delight and a great success, and long may it continue! They've helped me create, structure and grow both my brands, taking them to a new level in a short space of time. Their foresight and ability to take my work and apply it to new properties and expand it into new territories, is simply awesome. Their continued success of licensing both my brands is in a large part a testament of their sheer determination, teamwork, energy and VISION.”


Reilly - Artist

“Having had various licensing agents in the past I assumed they were all much the same insomuch as they would get me the occasional deal once in a blue moon. I joined MGL in late 2010 and was immediately surprised by how they got on with the job with a competence and enthusiasm that I had never experienced before. They started by taking my entire back catalogue and suggested changes to make them more commercially viable, also suggesting new images that would be immediately saleable to their enormous worldwide client base. I can say that they have achieved more deals for me in the first six months than all my previous licensing agents put together had managed to get me in 15 years. I am anticipating a long and profitable relationship with this most professional of companies.”


Adrian Chesterman - Artist

“I have been an artist with MGL since their inception and have great respect and affection for them and their professionalism. They have nurtured and nourished my artistic talents and guided me to consider the needs of the client as paramount. Led by Adam Meiklejohn they have a drive for perfection to get the image just so, that never ceases to amaze me. Without their foresight, creativity and direction many of my pieces would still be on the drawing tablet and successes like "Moonlight Brethren", "Legends of the Nile" and "Unicorn" would be unrealised. Over the years the business has grown from being a main supplier of images to Athena, to an international company with innumerable clients. I am very proud to be one of their artists.”


Andrew Farley - Artist

“I have been working with MGL for several years now. I have found Adam Meiklejohn and his team to be not only proactive in finding licensing opportunities for my work, but also very understanding and flexible from both an artistic as well as business perspective. They clearly have a respect for the artists in their portfolio. The background administration they have provided me that tracks my various licensing agreements has always been clear and delivered promptly. I am very satisfied.”


Ciro Marchetti - Artist

"The synergy between artist and MGL has and continues to work very well for me. MGL's knowledge of the market place allows us to develop ideas and compositions which are both pleasing to produce and commercially relevant. We are able to have full and frank exchanges but always with good humour and always with a view to achieving the best result. A pleasure to do business with."


Garry Walton - Artist

“I recently joined MGL and have been impressed with the speed of successful outcomes from the sale of my images together with new commissions. Having been given excellent guidance on the content and revision of my new and existing images I now am beginning to build a good bank of saleable artwork. This is being reflected financially with hopefully a good amount of royalty payments still to come and commissions in the pipeline. I am being continually supported in adding to my collection and feel that MGL will do their best to find new clients which is good for all concerned in this uncertain business climate. MGL are very pleasant to deal with and seem efficient in their setup and promotional commitments so I am hoping for great things to come.”


Steve Crisp - Artist

"MGL has been a terrific partner to The Bradford Exchange, Ltd. for many years. MGL consistently provides excellent client service for Bradford. The Staff is always dependable, enthusiastic and friendly and we continue to be impressed by MGL's collection of Artists." - Vice President, Licensing & Art Acquisition


The Bradford Exchange - Client

"Ceaco has been working with MGL for many years and has always been pleased with the outstanding quality and quantity of the artists they represent." - VP Licensing


Ceaco - Client

“Leanin’ Tree is delighted with its ongoing partnership with MGL. We know that we can count on the MGL portfolio to help us find the right imagery for the right product category, no matter what season or occasion. In addition, our colleagues at MGL have invested the time required to get to know our product line and are always one step ahead by suggesting new artwork before we’ve even asked for it. We always receive outstanding and efficient service and the personal attention that makes our working relationship truly special.” - Vice President


Leanin' Tree - Client